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You may find yourself feeling rebellious, challenging those in authority or the established order. This is a period of sudden awakenings that can lead to greater independence and personal freedom, more authentic self-expression, and living your life more on your own terms. You may well have to take a stand, in a way that is controversial or sets you apart from the crowd. In fact, a direct confrontation with some authority in your life may be the splash of cold water in the face which forces you to wake up. Or, you may simply become unwilling as this time period progresses to live within the confines of your old life.

If you have been suppressed and held in for a long time, your body may begin to call out in the form of symptoms involving the heart and circulatory system. Also, the potential benefits of this cycle may come at the cost of relinquishing something that is or has been important to you, such as a significant relationship, role, or position; protection and approval by family or society; the security of the known and familiar.

Find allies who support your quest for greater honesty and self-expression. Rather than blaming or resenting circumstances which may be forcing a change upon you, choose to acknowledge that you are now free to express and be other than you were. Do some sort of grounding, earthy activity on a regular basis during this time, such as gardening, walking in nature, working with clay, etc. Uranus transits to the Moon directly affect the feelings, the public image, and personal popularity.

What does the Moon rule in your chart? Look to the house s of your natal chart with Cancer on the cusp for areas of your life where Uranus is acting to awaken. Look to planets in Cancer in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Uranus is now infusing with the urge to break out of existing routines.

A time when the new and unexpected may figure in your living situation or surroundings. An insight about your support system, your mother, or other females may be important. You could discover a student or a younger person that opens to you. This is a time of tremendous change that can be liberating, electrifying, exhilarating, and tumultuous all at once.

Dramatic inner emotional and psychological shifts may coincide with significant changes in your personal life, home, or family structure. Your dreams may be filled with images of natural disasters, shocking reversals, and an overall feeling of uneasiness and lack of control. You may find yourself buzzing with electricity, tension, and excitement, be less able to sleep or relax, or find your natural rhythms and routines disrupted in some way. Women, family members, and your intimates may behave unreliably or in new ways that demand you change in some significant way.

Letting go of limiting, depleting, suppressed emotions, attitude, and roles. Learning to trust and to let go. Increased physical and emotional distress or anxiety, as you try to adjust to the waves of inner and outer change in your life. Mood swings, erratic emotions, insecurity, disequilibrium. Human touch and human connection is very helpful now too. Be kind to the part of you that fears change, as well as to the part of you that wants the renewal and revivification this change will bring.

For a woman, health may be a factor. Nerves become high-strung, as the personality inner nature tries to live up to a very high and individualistic standard. Discontent with things as they are leads to rebellious and irregular actions, for the satisfaction of the ego and of self-indulgent urges is stronger than the desire to find the good that exists in the status quo.

Idealism mounts, and if you are lucky you can discover an ideal love under this condition. This is an eye-opener for the soul, and whatever events come under it will teach you some deep and important lessons about the nature of yourself and your ideals. Uranus transits sextile Moon This transit occurs only twice in each year cycle of Uranus. Your emotions are highly stimulated by this transit, and you will allow yourself to look at the world very subjectively. Now is the time to revel in your innermost feelings. You are likely to make more emotional demands on your friends and love partners. All new and existing relationships must have excitement to them that you may not have demanded before.

If your current relationships cannot adjust to your increased emotional needs, you will not hesitate to find others that do. You have to be able to exercise total freedom in your emotional self-expression. Anyone who tries to limit you in this area will meet with great resistance. It is possible that you will make innovative changes in your home environment during this time, and you will require that it be more emotionally satisfying. You want your home to be stimulating and exciting and will not settle for safety and security alone in your domestic life now.

Now is also a great time to entertain guests in your home. As you learn more about your innermost feelings, your creativity will also be stimulated. It is clear to you how you can make your life more interesting and exciting. You are able to see things from a new perspective, and this lends freshness and innovation to your creative works.

This time is especially good for business dealings, especially those involving real estate, food or agriculture. Games, sports, dancing, music, joking, and other lively entertainments are highlighted. This is an excellent time to plan lively get-togethers and parties, especially with close friends or family. A time when you may get insights into your living situation or support system.

New ideas about your past history, new approaches to established facts.

Leo Overview: Horoscope

You tend to kick over the traces and run wild with whatever ideas you have been suppressing up until now. You can see your complexes and your subconscious in the cold light of day if you are sufficiently in possession of yourself to look for them. To be, or become, your best self as a result of this transit is to harness your magnetism, your originality, and your creative talents for all time.

Retrograde Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in the Birthchart

To run wild is to accumulate a fine crop of wild oats to be mowed down and carted away later. During this time period, you periodically become overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to make changes and make them NOW. In this case, your tendency to rebel acts at cross-purposes to those who care for you. A no-win situation that requires treading a fine line on your part. Uranus transits trine Moon. Your sense of humor is very good, and you can expect a lot of good times, laughter, and joking throughout this period.

Even relatively minor constraints and expectations made of each other can become a source of tension now. Your erratic behavior could bring you in opposition to a group or younger person or just strain relationships. Uranus transits to Mercury directly affect your curiosity, learning, communication skills, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas, and your ability to rationalize and think logically.

What does Mercury rule in your chart? Look to the houses of your natal chart with Gemini and Virgo on the cusp for areas of your life where Uranus is acting to awaken. Look to planets in Gemini and Virgo in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Uranus is now infusing with the urge to break out of existing routines. Your mind will be flooded with new information and ideas, and you will feel enthusiastic and excited by these fresh ideas and insights. Computers and electronics may suddenly become important.

Insight into your own mental workings, original thoughts, and the like. You will perform superbly in a debate or other mental task that requires quick thinking, fast response, and fluent expression of ideas. Writing comes easily now, so if you have some writing you need to do, now is a good time to do it.

Communications are facilitated, connections of all kinds, news, and so on, are furthered, often at the expense of tradition, established order. You tend to overlook details, forget to consider some aspect of a problem, and make silly mistakes.

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Forgetfulness can be a serious problem. A lot of mental tension or worry stemming from a rebellion against ideas, the way you think and communicate. An urge to break out of old mental patterns that could be destructive. You are mentally alert and keen, able to absorb new ideas very quickly, and less resistant to new information than usual. This is a time to explore scientific and technological ideas and inventive, progressive, innovative perspectives in any area. If you live in an urban area or are involved in activities that are fast-paced and dynamic, then this time period may become too intense for you.

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You may feel compelled to change your mind now and have new thoughts and forms of expression. Uranus transits to Venus stimulate your desires to share pleasures with significant others and with friends in perhaps unusual or especially sensitive ways. These transits also affect your urge to acquire new material goods as well as your finances in general. What does Venus rule in your chart? Look to the houses of your natal chart with Taurus and Libra on the cusp for areas of your life where Uranus is acting to awaken.

Look to planets in Taurus and Libra in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Uranus is now infusing with the urge to break out of existing routines. Uranus transits conjunct Venus This transit occurs only once every 84 years and can be a time of creative and progressive change or one of frustration and upheaval. The difference depends on whether or not you resist the need to make changes in your life. You will begin to seek freedom and excitement in your relationships, particularly in your love and sex life.

If there is room in your existing relationships for this type of change, it can be a time of exhilaration and growth for both partners. If not, you may feel the need to end some of your present relationships and seek this new freedom elsewhere. Some people open up their marriage to include other companions or sexual partners. If you are not currently involved in a love affair, this transit could bring a new love into your life that would be more exciting and unconventional than your prior relationships.

Wait until this transit passes before making any long-term commitments to a new love. Venus also rules money, and you may encounter sudden changes in your financial condition. Again, whether this is a positive or negative change depends on your ability to accept necessary changes in your life. This is the time to strike out on new, innovative projects. Your creativity is high, and you are full of new ideas. Put them into motion! You are in a swinging mood and you seek fun and excitement. You may discover something new about love or may adopt a different and unconventional value system for a time.

You find it much easier than usual to smile and extend good will towards others. A kind of mini-revolution may find you altering your value system, allowing you to like new things. A new approach to love and compassion. A strong streak of independence can overcome you during this time, upsetting the status quo in your life, and particularly in your relationships. You have far less tolerance for limiting, confining, and restrictive circumstances and people. Positively, you now have the courage to make some needed changes in your life. You can be creatively inspired and your experiments in creativity and self-expression can open up possibilities.

Watch, however, for overly rebellious behavior and insensitivity towards others. Sometimes this energy is experienced in such a way that changes in a relationship seem forced upon you especially with the opposition.

12222 Planetary Overview

A shift in your romantic and sexual energies at this time causes changes in love relationships. You may not appreciate the urge to upset and change things that is trying to assert itself. This leads to tension. Your values are more altruistic, and you are less concerned with personal gain than you are with making important contributions to life and helping others. It is difficult to say how things will end up when this astrological influence is over, but they are guaranteed to be different. Your relationship may undergo a kind of rebirth, or you may separate from each other.

Yearly Horoscope: 12222 Predictions for Leo

Freedom and independence come to the fore, possibly provoking independent and unusual behavior in you. You may not be appreciated for this. Uranus transits to Mars affect your drive and desire nature, strength, as well as your ability to assert yourself. What does Mars rule in your chart? Look to the houses of your natal chart with Aries and Scorpio on the cusp for areas of your life where Uranus is acting to awaken. Look to planets in Aries and Scorpio in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Uranus is now infusing with the urge to break out of existing routines. Even if there is no specific deadline for a task, you work as if it must be completed with lightning speed.

You love physical activity and adventure now. For example, if you vacation at this time, sky diving or white water rafting would suit you much better than lying on the beach! An urge may exist to be more devoted to high ideals and to making your dreams real. You may feel emotions of a religious nature. You also are able to manage and motivate others very effectively, and you may find yourself involved in a successful and productive team effort. You could receive unexpected backing and, in general, your efforts are successful and reach new heights of originality. New and unexpected emotions may come up.

Uranus transits square Mars Passions and anger that you may not even know you had emerge during this transit. They do come from somewhere, from deep within you, but Uranus awakens them in such a dramatic manner that it can be hard to identify with them at first. Uranus urges us to let go and express ourselves in the areas of life it touches. Mars rules our anger, assertion, sexuality—essentially our desire nature.

With a transiting square from Uranus to Mars, we begin to get things off our chest whether we wanted to or not. You begin to assert your independence, sometimes in ways that seem alarming to those around us. Also, this apparently sudden personality change can alienate a few people, especially if you act like there are no consequences. You have spurts of energy, and you can be temperamental with your productivity or output.

This can be quite positive, but take care not to be too impulsive or insensitive with those you care about as you express your newfound desires. You are very demanding and difficult to please now. You tend to feel like progress is too slow, and you are tired of waiting for the things you want. You may have to resist attempts to divert your drive and energy in directions that will take you nowhere. A lot of heavy energy. Uranus transits trine Mars. You energetically accomplish a great deal during this time period.

Your energy level is much higher than usual, and you can work for long hours without fatigue. You will find yourself up late into the night, without getting sleepy. If you are normally shy and receding, you will burst out of your shell now. If you are a strong and aggressive person, then you will try to take full command of every aspect of your life, and force weaker personalities to submit to you and support you.

Your unusual behavior could provoke others, cause emotional confrontation. This is the time to spread your wings and explore imaginative new possibilities. You could find a teacher or guide, a new approach to your career, and so on. You will find that others who normally resist your suggestions are now more receptive and supportive. Organizations, businesses, and government agencies also respond favorably to your suggestions and proposals.

Improved solutions, insights, and approaches make this an opportunity not to be passed over. Exciting outdoor activities appeal to you now. Ski trips, canoe rides, softball, tennis, swimming, or camping appeal to you now, depending on your tastes and the season. Your wish to be independent, to try new things, and so on comes at an inappropriate time and could cause real tensions at work. You may feel like breaking out, getting away from the path you have taken up to now.

Sudden breaks from the routine. Outdated, limiting, or restrictive circumstances and attitudes are likely to leave your life. Your reputation can get a nice boost. You believe in your dreams and have the realism to make things happen. This can also be a time when an experience in your life sparks an interest in metaphysics or psychic phenomena.

You could feel more sensitive than usual to your environment or medication during this transit. Watch for a tendency to follow whims or to dabble so much that you get little accomplished. Uranus Transits Conjunct Ascendant This transit will occur only once every 84 years and is therefore usually a once-in-a-lifetime transit. You have a tremendous need for liberation now, and many long-time friends of yours will be surprised at the radical changes you will initiate in your life during this time. How you deal with it determines outcomes. You might feel trapped in a difficult relationship, or have a hard time finding the deep connection that you crave.

Obsession in your interactions with partners can be a big theme in your life. Strive to come to terms with your own intense and deep-seated fear of losing someone you love and fear of betrayal, or you will meet these energies repeatedly in your closest relationships. This fascination can lead you to experience more unusual events than others.

A natural psychologist, you are expert at cutting through appearances and getting to the heart of matters. You are endlessly interested in motivations and sources. You may be especially interested in hypnosis, healing therapies, occult sciences, as well as great mysteries and the darker side of life. Sexual relationships are very intense and perhaps complicated. You are both fascinated with and fearful of deep intimacy, and crave unusually deep, passionate, and intense experiences with others. This fascination can bring you intense experiences with others, and attraction to nontraditional sexual experiences, particularly those that involve domination and submission, control, and possession.

If you are attracting controlling people into your experience and are uncomfortable with it, strive to examine and understand your own deep-seated fears regarding power and sharing issues. Some of you might engage in power struggles with money, particularly with a partner.

Uranus in the Signs

Uranus is forward-looking and does not have patience with lifestyles or attitudes that are attached to the past or the traditional. They should watch for over-sensitivity and self-protection if it limits their lives. See Best Time to Start a Business for more details. You are getting ready to grab opportunities and go after exactly what you want. The new people you attract now will be very different from your norm, as friends go. The Sun is in the fourth house. This is a positive time when you feel excited by the developments in your career.

Themes of control are quite possible with Pluto in the eighth house. You would likely be quite talented in the healing professions, especially helping others deal with crises and trauma. You are extremely attached to your opinions and belief system. Due to this attachment, debates might easily turn into arguments if you are not careful. At your best, you are persuasive and intelligent with a probing and incisive mind. Your opinions are strong and well-researched. You are able to back up your arguments, and enjoy doing so!

You may have a disdain for blind followers of belief systems and for hypocrisy. Your sense of adventure runs deep and can lead you to unusual experiences. You are likely to make an involved, captivating, and inspiring teacher, speaker, or lecturer. While you may not share your ideas frivolously, when you do express yourself, you do so creatively and persuasively.

12222 Taurus Overview: Yearly Horoscope

Some of your most intense and life-changing experiences may come through travel or in connection with other cultures. There is something very unique about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. Your ambition may be well-developed, or you pursue your goals with great focus and determination.

You might have a strong interest in research, making improvements, understanding how things work, and transformation and these are qualities that you use most notably in your career or in your dealings with the public. Your personal presence is strong, and you may find that you might inspire love-hate reactions as a result, particularly in your professional experiences. Nevertheless, you can be very persuasive when you choose to be. You have an especially strong sense of commitment and responsibility, but you are unafraid of going against the grain or bucking traditions if you feel they are outdated.

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Sometimes with this position, there are deep issues that need to be confronted revolving around the relationship with the father. Many of you are perfectionists and especially detail-oriented, particularly on a professional level. As well, your social life may go through rather drastic changes.

Friendships for you might often begin with intensity. Loyalty is most important to you in even a casual relationship. You refuse to be a follower. Any such group you become involved in is likely to be either for intense personal growth, change, and healing, or centered around social change and revising society in some manner. Circumstances impel you to change, ready or not. It is important to weigh their urgings against the inner voice of your own desire.

If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself. Psychoanalysis, investigating your dreams, and other methods of uncovering secrets are very interesting to you. You may be exceptionally perceptive intuitively or psychically.

Your emotions and subconscious energies are complex, and periodic transformations and personal crises are sprinkled liberally throughout your lifetime. Death has played a large part in creating doubt about your abilities. Use private time to examine your present knowledge and skills, and you may find that confidence replaces doubt.

You need the quiet moments to build your power. You may even have problems with depression or addictive behaviors which create a kind of emotional trap until you learn to delve into the depths of your being and clean out the ghosts and dragons from your past which still haunt your dreams. Old resentments can also act like a potion which poisons your imagination and undermines your ability to trust your inner self. Find out how you can get your astrology chart positions free with our simple steps.

Know More About Yourself and Others. Interpretations are written by Annie Heese, unless otherwise noted. Cafe Astrology. Pluto in 2nd House When it comes to building your resources, your instincts are powerful. Pluto in 3rd House You rarely accept what you hear or what you read as truths. Pluto in 4th House Early experiences may have led you to feel self-protective or to be secretive about yourself.