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Get your jathagam based on Tamil astrology online, and find your astrology signs, chevvai dosham analysis and detailed Tamil jathagam report online. Tamil jathagam is an astrology chart of a person, specific to exact birth time, date and place; calculated according to Tamil astrology method of jathaka kanippu. Online jathagam are based on Tamil Thirukanitha panchangam and Lahiri ayanamsam, and displayed in South indian chart format.

Any sarpa dosham or chevvai dosham in Tamil horoscope birth chart is clearly identified and given along with jathagam, online.

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Jathagam also spelled jathakam, consists of rasi chart, computer jathagam, jathagam kattam, jathaka kurippu, rasi kattam, navamsa chart and south Indian horoscope. Horoscope generator offered by Tamilsonline, enables you to generate your Tamil jathagam along with Tamil horoscope birth charts, sevvai dosham report, and free tamil astrology predictions based on date of birth and time.

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Tamil horoscope by date of birth offered by tamilsonline is a full horoscope reading that includes rasi chart, navamsam chart, dasa, bukthi, etc in a printable format in English and Tamil languages. Jathagam predictions plays a major role in the decision making process in our life, especially on matters related to marriage proposals, investment in shares, home loan or personal loan, opening a bank saving or deposit account, etc. When it comes to generating astrology chart in Tamil by date of birth for future predictions; exact time, date and place of birth are the most important data that determines the planetary positions.

Generate your free Tamil jathagam online, and find your Tamil astrology signs and Tamil astrology chart in south Indian chart format online. Kalasarpa dosham or yoga may either harmful or beneficial at some point of life. Tamilsonline offers free Kalasarpa dosha calculator and remedies online.

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Get your jathagam in Tamil and learn all about your life. Your free jathagam includes planetary positions (கிரக நிலைகள்), birth chart (ஜாதக. Read the free Tamil Jothidam report for an overview of all your life aspects. Clickastro provides accurate astrology in Tamil by date of birth, time and place of .

Jupiter showers its blessings upon us. Prem Kumar Sharma is an acclaimed celebrity astrologer, looked upon by many fo Combines the power of ancient Vedic Astrology along with Numerology of Hebrews, th They are prone to nervous tensions. They are fond of clothes, jewellery, perfumes and fashion accessories. They love fine arts like dancing, music, acting etc.

They keep their surroundings beautiful.

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These people are well attached to their families. These people are attractive and have curly hair. They strive hard to get name and fame. They are affectionate and talkative people. They will often change their lifestyles.

They are affectionate people. They love to travel to different places.

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They show interest in spiritual and occult sciences. They become famous and popular persons. They are simple and calm. They work hard to reach their goals.

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Some are social reformers. They are good at executing their duties. On the negative side, if planet Saturn is not well placed in their horoscope, they become dishonest people. They may cheat others and do all fraudulent things.

They are independent and aggressive in nature. They love sports. They have good administrative skills. These people have good determination. They are successful people. They have a short temper and fighting spirit. Some of them become great Yogis. If the planet Mars is weak in the horoscope, they become cowards. Health issues like boils, ulcers due to the excess of heat are likely to occur.