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This succinctly points to the process experienced by the soul in Virgo. I, God, I, matter am. We purify the things we do, with our conscious awareness. This is the true meaning of Virgo. This reminds me of the Zen proverb:. Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water! When you become fearful, it is too easy for you to become lost in mental activity and exhaust yourself by trying to find perfection in the outer world. The key is to recognize, through your brilliant clear direct perception, that the source of your exquisite discernment and analysis is awareness itself, and within that awareness is love.

When you realize that you are that awareness, you also know without doubt that you are love. You realize that you are the embodiment of loving awareness. At that point, all work becomes your vocation, as the quality of your loving awareness brings perfection to everything you do by making it sacred.

Karen MacKenzie is working on a series of astrology inspired paintings using goddesses from different cultures. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art. And indeed, in alchemy, it represents the raw matter of the great work that each one of us has to perform.

Mercury is represented Kabbalistically, in the Tree of Life, in the mysterious Sephirah Daath, which means knowledge, because Mercury is the one that brings the knowledge from above, from the Gods. He brings it from the triangle of God which is above, in the Tree of Life: the first triangle, Kether, Chokmah, Binah: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which — astrologically - are always placed in the Sun.

That is why when we talk about the center of the solar system the sun, the solar light , we always indicate the Trimurtis, the three primary forces, or what we call the Holy Triamazikamno, the law of three, the law that creates, the Solar Light. These three forces in one, the trinity, is what is called the Cosmic Christ.

And if you utilize right now your imagination, you will see the Sun there in the center of the solar system, and the first planet rotating around it is Mercury. That is why many astrologers in the past stated that Mercury and the Sun are one. When you study astrology in Kabbalah and Alchemy, you understand that statement. Daath, Kabbalistically speaking, is below the three primary forces the first triangle in Kabbalah , the Tree of Life. Daath is the outcome of that Trinity. Daath is made by the junction, the union of two parts, which are related with Binah. This Holy Spirit in India is called Shiva.

Here is where we find the marvelous duality that Mercury represents.

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If you see in Gemini, Mercury is also there. But Mercury in Gemini is acting just on the surface, in the masculine aspect.

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Each year in the northern hemisphere during the solar month of Virgo, grains, fruits, and vegetables are harvested to be preserved and stored. Virgo is the sign where those born under it learn how to serve. The energy of the 2nd ray combined with the 6th ray are very idealistic, very.

We will say that Mercury in Gemini likes to know a little bit of everything. But Mercury in Virgo, which is the sign that we are entering right now, is the one that delves, goes deep down into the matter. Virgo is ruled by the element earth. So you have to dig into the earth; Virgo likes to dig, to inquire, investigate, while Gemini is only on the surface, floating, we will say, like the air, above the face of the waters. In Gemini… the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. This masculine and feminine aspect of Mercury is telling us that it is an androgynous aspect; it has two polarities.

We are explaining here its feminine aspect: Virgo, the virgin. A very important aspect - that most of this present humanity ignores—because the Virgin, the feminine aspect of Mercury, is taught or stated in many religions—there are many types of virgins. Without going so far back in time, just going to Christianity, we find the virgin Mary, which, if you inquire, the word Mary has also the word mar, mer—the sea. That is why Mary is celebrated in many parts of the world in Christianity as the Virgin of Carmel, Stella Maris mar, mare, mer the star from the sea.

We have to investigate and inquire but really, when in esotericism, when we talk about the Virgin, about the mother, which in Latin is called mater—that is how you say it. The mater is precisely hidden within the womb of Mercury, the mystery of Hermetic philosophy. When you observe the planet Mercury, you find that it floats in space and rotates around the sun. The sun sustains Mercury and planets like Jupiter by the electromagnetism in accordance to astronomy.

Notwithstanding, the space in which Mercury and the planets are floating is that sea that we are talking about here, which, in Hinduism, receives the name of Akasha. That is why one of the aspects of Prakriti is space. Scientists in this day and age talk about matter, but really they do not know anything about the matter itself, the substance itself, which, in Kabbalah , receives the name of Binah, intelligence, comprehension.

This Mercury, or Shiva, the Holy Spirit, is the one that brings the substances, the elements, or the Divine Mother space, into activity. That is why you find that Mercury is represented as the Holy Spirit divided into masculine and feminine. The Divine Mother space, which is fecundated by Mercury, in its positive aspect, masculine aspect, is that substance that we call Prakriti and that is represented in the mysterious Sephirah Daath, which is the union of the two polarities within which the three primary forces dwell, in each one of them.

That is why this primordial substance, Prakriti, the Akasha, is named Isis in ancient Egypt. That substance, primordial intelligent substance, takes form in everything that exists; any type of substance or element comes from it. All those elements that are studied in science as compound or simple elements are nothing but the crystallization of that primordial substance.

These are the eight crystallizations of that primordial matter.

The astrology of world affairs, human evolution, the future, and the state of the universe.

Going down into nature, we find that the Divine Mother, that primordial substance, is the origin of everything in nature, in any planet. When we talk about nature, we always talk about the four elements, astrologically speaking. Astrologically, fire, earth, air, and water are related with the twelve zodiacal signs—three zodiacal signs in each of the different elements.

For instance, the element earth, is the second aspect, in Virgo, while the third is related with Capricorn; we talked about the first in the lecture of Taurus. So, in order for anything to exist, to be alive, to come into existence, it is because of the disequilibrium of the elements, which are synthesized in the three Gunas, as they are called or named in Hinduism; these are three aspects. The three Gunas are named:. When the primordial substance is in rest, then these three aspects, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, are in equilibrium.

In order to enter into the bosom of the un-manifested Father which receives has many names—we call it the Absolute in order to enter into the bosom of the Father, these three Gunas or three aspects, this matter of the Divine Mother must be in equilibrium.

Virgo Rising: The Virgo Soul

If there is any disequilibrium, then that originates creation. The disequilibrium of the three aspects or Gunas of the Divine Mother is what creates any world, any planet, any entity in the universe, and is the outcome of karma. So karma is the effect of the disequilibrium of these three aspects, at any level. This is why it is stated that when everything enters into equilibrium after the karma is paid, everything returns into the bosom of the Divine Mother, but it does not go further. The bosom of the Father only receives all the elements which are in perfect equilibrium.

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Psychic Readings. Self-acceptance and the acceptance of the idiosyncrasies or perceived shortcomings in all people will be found through the activities of the House Position of the Moon. Now I have to really listen to hear others. These stages of evolution relate to the connection of Soul and Soul Purpose to Human activity. Mars and Uranus want to make changes in these areas. We are one people - one in our relationships, and capacities and desires, our origin and goals.

The Divine Mother has those aspects in equilibrium just for a certain period of time. But when those aspects enter again into disequilibrium, then the universe appears from that primordial substance, Prakriti. That is why it is stated that the Ain Soph is the origin of the cosmic days. Everything emerges from it and everything returns to it. What we call Pralaya cosmic night or Mahapralaya great cosmic night happens always within the womb of that primordial substance which is space, Prakriti; we call it the un-manifested Mother.

That substance is virginal, and this is what we have to understand and comprehend—this is the virginal substance of matter. When we investigate that primordial substance, we also discover that it exists within every single human being. In other words, Mary is precisely what, in the Old Testament, is referred to in the fourth commandment:. Many Christians, Jews, and many other scholars or religious people that do not have the right information assume that this commandment is related with our physical mother and father.

Now of course, we have to respect our parents, but that commandment is not related to our father and mother in the physical plane; it is directly related to that primordial substance, those elements that abide in another level…. In order to understand this, it is coming into my mind that part of the Gospels, in the New Testament, when Paul the Apostle says:. We have to understand that this Holy Ghost, this Holy Spirit, this mercury, is an energy, it is a force, or as we say, a spirit. This mercury abides in all of our body, in the two aspects, masculine and feminine.

The two polarities of the Holy Spirit, or this mercury of the sacred philosophy, alchemy, is that father and mother hidden in the mysterious Daath, knowledge, related with Hermes, mercury. It is that substance that can originate a transformation in us. Here in the physical body, we see that Mercury and Jupiter were sharing, according to ancient sages, the same throne. Then we have to inquire in the physical body: that mercury emerges from the sea and we see that in Gemini, it is related with the air, which is the spirit, the force that, in the last synthesis, is situated in the brain.

Remember that mercury is also related with the intellect, with the mind, and that is why Virgo and Gemini are remarkable because of the ability to use the mind. Mercury, or the Prakriti, is the origin of the mind and the intellect, and the ego. The vehicle of the mind is the brain; anyone can verify this: when we use our mind, we use our brain.

But we have to know the relationship of the brain with the different glands. The pituitary and pineal gland are related with the brain and with the sexual glands, or with the womb. We are not going to go so deep into the sexual glands because that is a lecture related with Scorpio. But let me tell you that ancient sages stated that Virgo and Scorpio were one single sign, or were sharing one sign. On each side you find the ovaries of the woman.

And of course, in order for that womb to be fecundated, the man has to put his own mercury, the male aspect, which we are talking about here, which is the sperm, into the womb. But the fetus develops within the womb, which is Virgo. Nevertheless, there are two aspects that we need to comprehend in relation with the virgin, with that substance, which is the origin of this physical body that we have. We know that the embryo is developed within the womb of the physical mother, is developed in growing things through the activities of the Divine Mother, or that primordial substance that multiplies, --which in the beginning, is very gelatinous, very soft, and it forms the first cell, germinal cell, within the womb of the mother.

Little by little, that cell is accumulating the different earth elements that the embryo needs in order to build the skeleton. And little by little, while the Divine Mother of that substance is crystallizing and making the skeleton of that embryo, finally the fetus appears within the womb of our physical mother. But remember that the physical mother is only a vehicle, a vessel, within which this intelligence Binah works. Unfortunately, and this is precisely a big point here, we were engendered through fornication.

If we knew about this aspect, that the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit abides within fecundation--because it is life, God is life,--we would not be fecundated in other ways. But we were fecundated as animals, through fornication—we did not take care of the seed. In other words, from our main origin, physical origin, we are emerging from out of the broken law—we have broken the law, we are breaking the law—which is fornication. People have the idea that fornication , that the Bible abundantly talks about, is the sexual act before being married. They think that God is very concerned with certain papers, or signatures of this physical world.

They do not understand that God is life and he does not care a bit about any signature or title there that we put on the wall about that—that we are certified and married. For this society which we believe is necessary, if you wish. But under the eyes of God, to marry is to unite two forces, and fornication is when those forces are utilized in the wrong way, they are squandered. The word fornication is related with the word furnace, the oven, which in ancient times was used in order to burn or to gather the seed or grain of the garden. The Garden of Eden where we have the seed, which is the sexual force, when we burn that energy, that force in the sexual act, that is the furnace.

When we fornicate, when we utilize the fire in the wrong way, the fire of the Divine Mother and our Divine Father, when we do that, we do not honor our Father and Mother. This whole humanity is the outcome of fornication. Irrational animals, because they are irrational, are not blamed for fornication.

But we received the commandments, the rules, in order for us to take advantage of the sexual energy. But behold, in spite of that, we made the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, to work through fornication. The physical body is condemned to death. It is written:. But of the tree of the knowledge Daath of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it as beasts : for in the day that thou as a beast eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. And, this is nothing new, that all of us which are here, sooner or later, will die.

But the creator of this body is the Holy Spirit, spirit of life. Not through Immaculate Conception but through sin—because immaculate means without a spot, without sin, without a blemishbut all of us are not immaculate. We know that our father and mother were fornicating—delivering themselves to lust , to the animal lust—that is why through the original sin we are here, all of us.

And that is why the body that the Divine Mother created for us in the womb of our physical mother is a body of sin, the outcome of fornication , within which is placed that karma, the karma of fornication. That is why it is stated that all of us are born with that sin of fornication. The body, which is formed within the womb of our physical mother, is made according to our own karma. To begin with, the genotype is the karma of fornication , because our father and physical mother gave us that genotype, that inheritance, in the very moment of their fornication , in the sexual act, and our soul was connected to that sperm, because of karma, in order to be developed.

So all the substances, elements, that the Divine Mother needs in order to create that body are taken through the physical body of our physical mother because the father, the only thing he does is to place the seed.

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It is the duty of the man to place the seed into the womb. But the one that takes that whole work to make that body is the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect, you see? So in this case you see that the Divine Mother suffers because her children do not respect her. And that is why it is stated that when one prostitutes his own or her own body, that matter, which is the physical body, turns into a whore. Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? God forbid. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body.

In other words, those who fornicate those who spill their sexual seed through the orgasm do not respect, they do not honor their Divine Mother; they do not honor father and mother, because they ignore this aspect that we are talking about here. So the body is created in nine months and little by little, the Divine Mother is crystallizing in substances, elements, in order to create the different organs, according to the law of karma. And that is why she suffers because she is creating something that she should not. But the law has to be obeyed—and we live in this valley of tears—and one is born in the family in different substances according to that law of karma which we will be explaining in the next lecture.

So you see here how that primordial substance, which is called Akasha is related with our sexual matter. The Akasha is called semen, or the raw matter of the great work. It is called raw mercury or the brute mercury. The brute mercury is the semen whether in the woman or in the man, because the semen in the woman is feminine sexual energy. That energy is the one that takes all the substances through the body of the woman, which is really a great laboratory within which the baby is grown and developed. But I repeat again, we are being developed and created within the womb of our physical mother, but the one that is making that body is the Divine Mother.

She is the one that makes it--every time, in any womb, according to the lives that we have to have as humanoids—or any vehicle of Malkuth—she is always the one that works—whether in the mineral kingdom, in the plant kingdom, in the animal kingdom, or in the human kingdom. So, the baby, the fetus that is being developed within and that comes out from the womb of Virgo, is a marvelous body - created by the Divine Mother - which is full of life.

But if you observe the body of a newborn coming from the womb of the Divine Mother, you will understand that all the elements that the woman took in order to build it was sexual matter, sexual forces—because the womb itself is her sexual organ ruled by Scorpio. In the beginning the physical body of the newborn baby is very subtle, gelatinous, and one part is calcareous, strong—and that is why the body of a newborn has flexibility.

But, when we investigate any adult, we discover that his body is no longer three quarters gelatinous and one quarter calcareous—now it is three quarters calcareous and one quarter gelatinous—and little by little it is turning into a hard rock. When you investigate the urine or the excrement of newborn babies you do not find any hard substances like, for instance, you find in adults, like calcium and many other kinds of concrete matter that are abundant in the adult body.

We do not find any of those elements in the urine of any baby or any child because what he eats is utilized in order to strengthen him—the internal organs and the skeleton. While when we are already adult, the physical body no longer needs that yet we still take those elements into our body and the body is accumulating or putting them in different parts of the body, causing, of course, diseases, sicknesses.

It is very normal in this day and age to find people with stones in their kidneys or in their gall bladder or in different organs. You see, for instance, that liquid called synovia, which helps the joints especially in the knees in order to have flexible knees or joints of your body, is turning into a hard substance with time—and that is why people start walking slowly or having different types of problems in their organism and it is because of the ignorance of what we eat. That is why when we talk about Virgo, we have to understand and comprehend the mystery of the virgin.

But since the beginning we are breaking the law, we continue doing this through our life, and we ignore what to eat or in which way to feed our bodies. It is not the same to feed our body when we are a child or when we are young, now that we are already past adulthood and we are going to elderly-hood. The mother and the child.

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This necessitates persistence, endurance and continuity of effort. His desire to satisfy his personal needs decreases. The indwelling Christ in him begins to assume increasing control. Eventually inner spirituality is released from the slavery of the matter, and starts to reveal its real nature to the world. Via the 3rd Creative Hierarchy. It symbolizes depth, darkness, silence and warmth. Virgo is the womb of time. It is a place of gentle, slow yet powerful crises and periodic developments that happen in the dark and yet lead to light.

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In Virgo one can see a blended dual light. Two lights are seen — a bright and strong one of the matter, and the small and dull one — of the Christ Life.