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Utforskning av Saturn

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Oppdateres daglig. I august fortsatte Voyager 2 studien av Saturn-systemet. Huygens steg ned til overflaten av Titan Dette ble bekreftet i januar Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi. Foto: Cassini s banesonde.

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National Maritime Museum. Arkivert fra originalen Imaginova Corp. Titaneren Kronos var far til Zevs , mens Saturn var den romerske guden for jordbruk. Universe Today. Elsinore Scania.

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Denmark Sweden. Multimedia clip. Summary The 16th century was the century of the the Renaissance and the Reformation in the Sound region. The first third of the century was marked by power struggles between the king and the four estates. In the latter part of the 16th century there was a great upturn in the domestic and foreign trade, which led to large income via the Sound Duty.. The period around the years marks the transition from medieval times to the Renaissance. Renaissance means rebirth from Italian: Re-nascio and refers to the comprehensive rediscovery, reuse and development of knowledge and technique from classical times, which started in Northern Italy in the 14th century and spread to North-western Europe.

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The 15th Century. The 16th Century.

Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi

Hi Gile! Inanna — Ereshkigal Inanna and Ereshkigal represent polar opposites. That is really a terrific site. The four elements are simply the primary, and most general, qualities by means of which the amorphous and purely quantitative substance of all bodies first reveals itself in differentiated form. Thus, Lima unwittingly and uncritically swallows several poisonous cultural tropes and narratives. Jung, Vol. I mytene spiller solgudinnen av Arinna en mindre rolle.

The 17th Century. The 18th Century. The 19th Century. War and Peace. By Car. By Bicycle. Town Walk in Elsinore. Town Walk in Helsingborg. Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. Early Stone Age. Late Stone Age. Burial Mounds. Sun Chariot and Bronzelu. The Landscape. The Villages. The Trade Places. The Royal Power. Trelleborg Fortresses. The Ships of the Vikings. The Rune Stones.

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The Pagan Belief. The Towns. King and Church.

Cradle of Civilization

Church and Monastery. The Universe. The Central Power. The Magnates. Bishop and Warrior. The Church. The Murals. The Baptismal Font. The Monasteries. The Art of Medicine. Critical Times.

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Trade and Towns. The Scanian Market. The Clarmelite Monestary. Mary Church Helsingborg. The Craft Guilds. The Foundation. King and Artist. The Art of Printing. The Reformation. Economic Growth. Manor Houses. Seven-Year War. Tycho Brahe. The Building. The Architecture. Childhood and education. Sophie Brahe. Time of Christian d. Karl Gustav Wars. Scanian War.

Consequences of the wars. Social conditions. Trade and buildings. War and cities. Administration and Court. Actions against Witches. Elsinore and Kronborg. Upper-class and undercla. Illness and Care. The Great Nordic War. The Royal North Zealand.

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Journey Expanding towns. Forest Reforms. The Kings Area. Stud Farm.

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Fredensborg Castle. Baroque Gardens. North Zealand. Romance and Patrioticism. Romantic Gardens. Travel Stories. Art and Architecture.