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Astrological Sign: Virgo

Refined, elegant Virgo is a superb communicator and fabulous conversationalist. Virgos make great writers; they are so precise about language. You may find yourself falling in love fairly soon, for Virgo is an earth sign and Cancer is water — a fertile combo if there ever was one! Astrologic textbooks like to make Virgos out to be dusty and dull because they have a shy or reserved quality. They like to take you by surprise with a torrent of passion on a dark, starry night.

Make no mistake, Virgo can be a very skilled and ardent lover, especially when matched with an emotionally rich Cancer. On a day-to-day, mundane level you also groove well. Virgos are practical, organized, and have the same security needs you do. You both are world-class worriers, so neither one will be able to calm the other down. Neither of you can eat heavy foods and usually prefer light home cooking with plenty of vegetables.

Ruled by intelligent Mercury, Virgo possesses not just information, but genuine wisdom. You have something important to say, dear Virgo, and the world is ready to listen. Kingly Jupiter entered your zone of communication and conversations on October 10, and will remain there through November 8, Virgos are gifted writers, storytellers, teachers, and techies and this generous planet will help you communicate more easily in your chosen area.

Writing projects and social media campaigns could soar. You will also expand your circle, locally and globally. It will remain there until November 6, retrograde back into Aries, then reenter Taurus on March 6, New teachers with exciting ideas come into your life to wake you up and shake you up. This enlightened planet rules technology; you book, blog or YouTube video could go global. Uranus will be here for seven years; this is just the beginning of an amazing and rewarding journey. Review documents like wills, insurance, and retirement plans.

April 18 could bring a major windfall or an unexpected expense. Saturn and Pluto are in your fifth house of creativity, romance and children. Pluto has been here since Saturn joined Pluto on December 20, and will remain for the next two and a half years. Capricorn is a sober sign and both these planets are uncompromising. The good news? The Capricorn new moon on January 16 could be a turning point for your career.

You won't know what I am talking about until the spring.

Weekly Horoscope for Virgo by Deborah Browning:

Also, hundreds of readers from all over the world posted messages of peace and faith on the board. Sign Up Now. If you do want to buy or fix up your house, you have chosen the best time to do so, as you have Jupiter in your house of home for the first time in 12 years. Scorpio Stargazer Necklace. For example, it's not uncommon for new evidence on old, languishing court cases to appear. View Previous Month.

Your degrees are too far away now. See both people. Right now Jupiter is in the house of work, so I am not surprised that you are interested in a coworker. By next year, , the picture will be much clearer. You need to date both to make up your mind — your chart is not yet "cooked. See both.

We are a couple from Down Under and would like to know what the future holds, financially and career-wise. Also, do your readings in the Northern Hemisphere differ from the Southern Hemisphere? A couple of weeks ago you mentioned you were asked on your predictions on the TV show Survivor We never heard what your predictions were. Dear Amina, I am so sorry — I was a little wrong.

I thought Rudy would get the prize. The show did not give me the birth hours of the contestants, only the day-month-year. Rich won, and he is an Aries. I said he would last until the end, but I thought Rudy would get it because Rudy has such fantastic financial aspects. However, as one of many people's favorite characters, Rudy should do well with endorsements.

I hear he just got a sneaker company deal, so I wish him luck, as I do to Richard and all the others. It was such a fun show.

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Next time I hope to get the birth times! Your man is more touchy-feely than you and likes to stay home more than you do. You need a certain amount of space, but I think you can work that out together. No problem. See Matchmaker on Astrology Zone for a full report. In Australia, it does work the same way — you can use all my predictions. Lots of research has been done on this.

Thank you for stopping by! My life has never been particularly easy especially in the emotional and material realms , but the past several years have been particularly rough — full of career- and school-related upsets and paralysis. The past ten months or so have been the worst by far, full of changes so cataclysmic that I feel as if I have no ground beneath me!

Folks tell me that this is because of my Saturn return.

In 2018, Virgos share themselves with the world

Do you have any advice that might help me make the most of this period of trial, so that I might pass Saturn's "tests"? My Saturn is in Taurus. Dear Virgo, a "Saturn return" means that Saturn in the sky now returns to exactly where it was at birth.

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We all get this at 29 years of age. Big life decisions get made at that time. When Saturn returns again at 56, we are considered very wise at the time, so the "Saturn return" is usually less traumatic. Even good things, like having a baby or getting married, represent adjustments — that is what I mean by traumatic so don't get scared. You have a Scorpio moon, and that moon has been touched by the eclipses.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller. This will be a month like no other, and I can't imagine that a gorgeous month like this one will happen in the same way ever. VIRGO (Aug. Sept. 22). You are best known for your remarkable ability to create clear, instantly understandable communication. Your words sing with.

That means you probably moved. It was uprooting. Not easy for a fixed moon to take. You have Saturn in the ninth house of education, so this is where you felt stress. You should be able to get a great job now, with your Virgo sun sign! I think you have put in all the hard work already. You will love the feeling of seasoning you have now — you feel mature Take it from me, they do! Good luck, dear Virgo. My daughter Neeta was born on April 30, at a.

She was married in and within 4 months her husband died of blood cancer. When is her next marriage going to take place? Lucky, I was so distressed to hear the news you sent me. Your daughter was born with the planet Uranus in the house of marriage at birth. That means what she least expected to happen, happened. Anyone with that aspect would be subject to surprising circumstances.. Your daughter was simply unlucky. NOW, we look forward Jupiter in Gemini is in superb position to help Uranus in Libra in the first part of You do not say if your daughter has a beau or not.

Nevertheless, when one has good aspects to the marriage house one meets quality people — people of substance. Watch the time around May 7 for her to be quite happy and hopefully in love. I hope I have answered your question. I am so sorry for the suffering your daughter has gone though. Please keep reading my forecasts for the month as I feel they will be helpful to you. Thank you for coming by! I so appreciate your letters! From now on, I hope to be doing regular chat sessions. If you join my mailing list we will send you a note when I will chat again.

I am very grateful for your kind words and questions. Hope to see you soon again! All rights reserved. Thanks for joining us.

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Astrologer Susan Miller. Senate report criticizes FBI for not warning about Russian meddling in election. Despite 4-month decline, unauthorized border crossings nearing 1 million. Graham plans to invite Giuliani to testify on Ukraine affair.

2017 #FreshForecast with Susan Miller: Virgo

Stocks skid as US raises tensions ahead of China talks. Family of 5, including 3 kids, identified after all found shot dead in home.

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Man smashes car windows with tire iron in liquor store attack after parking lot crash. Biden pitches 2 years of free community college in higher-education plan. Dems to subpoena key witness in impeachment probe blocked from testifying. Following reports on Ukraine call, public support for impeachment probe on the rise.

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Trump campaign threatens to sue over 'phony and outlandish' rally security bill. Democrats weigh masking whistleblower's identity in potential Hill testimony. Heavy snow expected in Dakotas, fire danger increases in West. Simone Biles carries US women's gymnastics team to record 5th world championship.

HIV prevention drugs to be available without a prescription in California. Sentencing expected for 'Hollywood Ripper' murderer. Biden plan: Free community college, expanded loan programs. Michelle Obama releasing journal for you to pair with her memoir. Alec Baldwin falls for Statue of Liberty tour scam. UK to publish no-deal plans as gloom surrounds Brexit talks.

Polish politician rescues child and father from burning car. Atlanta reality star reports jewelry stolen from Lamborghini. Judge says man who spent 10 days in jail for missed jury duty 'totally rehabilitated'. Former cheerleader suing UC Berkeley for ignoring concussions speaks out.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Susan Miller

New 'Bachelor' suffered a 'freak accident,' Chris Harrison says. Adam Sandler's daughters cover Taylor Swift's 'Lover'. Unilever commits to major plastic reduction across its product line by No answers 2 years after student vanishes -- a case in epidemic in Native communities. Madonna postpones show after injury: 'It's hard for Madame X to admit she is a human'.

Twin dads, born 2 minutes apart, have sons born same day, and it was unplanned.